Sample compression in XRNS files

Songs take less space in Renoise 1.8 than they would have in 1.5 and before. That is because the samples inside the songs are being compressed. Renoise uses lossless compression: once decompressed, the original samples are restored without any loss of quality. One of Renoise 1.8's best kept secrets may be the possibility to manually replace lossless samples with smaller, lossy ones. Lossy compression allows you to bring an 35 MB song back to 2 MB without degrading sound quality too much.

Using Filters - Part 1


This is fairly basic stuff and pretty obvious to most, but since the topic came up a couple of times in the IRC channel, I have made this basic tutorial with pictures to visualize the filtering process.

I have used the free effects from GVST. You can get them here:

Whatever is explained here also applies to the internal filters of Renoise.


Gating: The best friend your heavy mix never knew it had?

People have often asked me, "BYTE, how do you get such aggressive mixes on just a crappy laptop?", to which I respond,  "What the heck are you talking about? These mixes are awful! They're wimpy as hell!" I know my sense of humour is dry and unfunny, but I do, however, have a few tips on getting a nice clean mix that can actually make track sound solid and more direct; more aggressive.  These tips can also be used for music which doesn't have to sound aggressive, so keep reading even if you are not interested in making dance music with Renoise.  OK, so here goes...

Renoise 1.8 Final

Our work is finally complete. Renoise 1.8 Final has gone gold. With your help we have created an exceptionally streamlined music production package. Suddenly feel the need to express your feelings? Post it in the Official 1.8 Final Release Celebration Thread.


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