Renoise 2 Beta Music Competition

Renoise 2.0 is shaping up quite nicely. Its new timing features help you get a more natural and organic sound. But, we need a really good demo song for when Renoise 2 goes public. One that makes you say: "Wow, that wasn't possible with Renoise before!"


Remixta Episode 1: top retro tracks by Renoise users

How about some music while you are waiting for Renoise 2.0 to be finished? The Remixta podcast brings you the greatest works from the Renoise community.


Renoise 2.0 Beta music sequencing software now available!

Renoise 2.0 provides unprecedented granular control over audio, now with a range of new features targeting traditional recording artists and composers. A unique approach when compared with mainstream music sequencers, Renoise's streamlined workflow delivers professional results on Windows, Macintosh, or Linux.


Hunz - When Victims Fight

When Victims Fight

Tracking demoscene veteran Hunz returns to his glorious vocal driven pop with a new CD release that's a testament to just how good you can make music using computers (and a bit of Renoise too!). The European release is out on Apegenine, the same label that hosted Kaneel's masterwork I've Sketched It A While Ago, and you can expect the same level of quality here.


Mutant Breaks Compo

Calling out to all the IDM/breakbeat/breakcore heads out there. Take your best shot and show what you are worth in the Mutant Breaks Compo.

Mutant Breaks Compo thread


June 27th, 2008


"The reckless pursuit of utopia at all costs, even utopia"


Groovy bassline in less than 5 minutes

This tutorial covers the 2nd half of the Renoise Workflow video. We will continue where we left off, about 4 minutes in the video.


Fat beat in less than 10 minutes

Neil from the bigbeat collective Shaper shows you how he produces a track in Renoise. Learn to create a fat beat in less than 10 minutes.


Write music the Linux way with Renoise 1.9.1 Final

The first Linux version of Renoise has finally gone gold. We have spent the last few months finetuning to complement the versatility offered by the various Linux distributions and we think it paid off. Renoise has become one of the most stable and integrated music production applications available on the platform.


First Release Candidate of Renoise 1.9.1 for Linux

Here is the first Release Candidate of the Linux version of Renoise 1.9.1. There is also a free demo to evaluate the software before you register.


Kaneel Sketches It

For some of us here in the Renoise community, Kaneel's debut commercial album has been a long time coming. Released on Apegenine Records, "I've Sketched It A While Ago" hosts a mature collection of songs with intense glitched beatwork married with beautiful child-like pop melody. I recently spoke with Kaneel on the Renoise IRC channel about all this: what you have below is the lightly edited transcript.


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