Renoise 2.0 Final Launched

Today marks the official launch of Renoise 2.0 Final, a unique tool for music making. To celebrate this huge milestone we are doing a special promo:

Because this launch is such a special event we throw in an exclusive sample kit of over 100 MB.


Renoise 2 Launch on Jan 15th

Renoise 2, the DAW with the tracker interface, is finally on its way to the finish line. About 4 months of exhaustive testing are about to end, so yeah, it's pretty much rock solid. More importantly, we are entering a new era of awesomesauce with features such as Automatic PDC and an insane 4096 PPQ timing resolution.


Remixta Episode 2 & 3: Renoise music mixes

While the last wrinkles are ironed out for the first public demo of Renoise 2, DJ Suva showcases the best music the Renoise community has to offer.

Remixta Episode 2 is a perfect blend for the cold autumn nights in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa. Starts out real smooth, but near the end of the podcast the pace picks up a bit to stop you from completely dozing off. Album highlight for this episode is 3 Smargaid Maerd by Mr. Mark Dollin.


Wrapping up Renoise 2 Beta Compo

The deadline of the Renoise 2 Beta Competition has passed. We have received a fair amount of pretty good songs and we are currently deciding on a winner.

In the previous post about the compo I promised a public Renoise 2.0 RC1 demo. Unfortunately at this time the demo has been delayed for about 1 week. Beta 6 will be released shortly.


Renoise 2 Beta 5 and second round of the Beta Music Compo

Renoise 2 Beta 5 is now available for all registered users. This will be the last Beta before moving on to the first public Release Candidate. Beta 5 contains several fixes and new features. For a detailed overview of the new features in Renoise 2 check out the What's New section.


Renoise 2 Beta Music Competition

Renoise 2.0 is shaping up quite nicely. Its new timing features help you get a more natural and organic sound. But, we need a really good demo song for when Renoise 2 goes public. One that makes you say: "Wow, that wasn't possible with Renoise before!"


Remixta Episode 1: top retro tracks by Renoise users

How about some music while you are waiting for Renoise 2.0 to be finished? The Remixta podcast brings you the greatest works from the Renoise community.


Renoise 2.0 Beta music sequencing software now available!

Renoise 2.0 provides unprecedented granular control over audio, now with a range of new features targeting traditional recording artists and composers. A unique approach when compared with mainstream music sequencers, Renoise's streamlined workflow delivers professional results on Windows, Macintosh, or Linux.


Hunz - When Victims Fight

When Victims Fight

Tracking demoscene veteran Hunz returns to his glorious vocal driven pop with a new CD release that's a testament to just how good you can make music using computers (and a bit of Renoise too!). The European release is out on Apegenine, the same label that hosted Kaneel's masterwork I've Sketched It A While Ago, and you can expect the same level of quality here.


Mutant Breaks Compo

Calling out to all the IDM/breakbeat/breakcore heads out there. Take your best shot and show what you are worth in the Mutant Breaks Compo.

Mutant Breaks Compo thread


June 27th, 2008


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