Artist In:Depth - Cristian Vogel

The latest in our series of In:Depth interviewees should need no introduction. Since debuting on Dave Clarke's label with some crunchy, abstract techno offerings in the early 90s, Cristian Vogel's been continously keeping busy exploring everything from sound design to live improvisation to contemporary dance productions to good old wonky techno bangers.

And now he's making a Renoise album. It's called The Inertials and is a collection of "shiny new techno/electro with many layers of rhythm programming, sound design and microdetails to surprise, freak-out and delight" according to Cristian himself.


Renoise 2.8 - Beta Testing Starts

We are proud to present a new Renoise Release. Beta versions of our latest release are now available to all registered users at the Renoise Backstage. Everyone is invited to join our forums to welcome, discuss, tweak and help bug-fixing the new release.


Mutant Breaks #4 Winner Announcement

We've got a winner! As promised here's the video of my daughter picking the winning piece of paper from a hat.


Download the Mutant Breaks #4 Vote Pack now!

Here is the vote pack: [194 MB]

There are 23 songs in this pack. Participants must pick and post their top 3 in the Mutant Breaks Competition #4 thread or they are disqualified. The top 10 go into a hat. My ~18 month old daughter picks a winner. I will make a YouTube video of this.


Artist In:Depth - Datassette

For the next installment in the Renoise artist interview series, we managed to persuade highly productive Renaissance man Datassette to take some time out from his busy schedule to talk about the good old days, creative mod naming, business funk, psy trance, tinned tomatoes, wretched filth and everything in-between. And Renoise self-evidently. Plus some pretty unexpected influences...


Renoise 2.7 Final released + PureMagnetik & BeatSlaughter XRNI Packs (800 MB) For Registered Users

Eight weeks of community driven testing finish today. We are proud to announce that Renoise 2.7 is stable and ready for production! Thanks once again to our users, the best in the world.


Proud to Announce the First Renoise 2.7 Release Candidate

We're proud to announce the first Renoise 2.7 Release Candidate. Almost there! Registered users can download their copies from the Backstage. And for the first time in the 2.7 release cycle, unregistered users can check out the Renoise 2.7 Demo.


Back to Beats with Renoise 2.7 Beta

After the hack-and-dev onslaught from the previous release, beats are back in business with "probably the most complete music tool available on Linux, and even on Mac and Windows": the Renoise 2.7 Beta! Read on to see how you can join the party at a quite favorable entry fee. But let's have a look at the new features first.


Creative Use of Send Tracks

In my previous two articles I have focused on technical matters, but now it is time to take a good look at one of the more creative aspects of Renoise: using Send Tracks. Time to have some fun! Confident use of Send Tracks not only helps you create a clean mix, it also opens doorways to creative sound-design.



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