Audio Mangling through Slicing: Slice Markers Explained

Sample slice markers were added to Renoise in version 2.7. In this article, I will go into a little bit more depth about what they are, how they work, and some interesting uses you can put them to. So if you haven't yet familiarised yourself with this feature, read on.


Mutant Breaks #5 Winner Announcement

We've got a winner! Thanks to No Weapon for letting us shoot the announcement in their studio. As promised here's the video of my daughter eating cake.


Mutant Breaks #5

The 5th annual Mutant Breaks is so unorganized I'm not even going to bother posting anything about it. Click to click.


10 Ways to Extend Renoise's Internal Sequencer

Step Brother

Welcome to my first in-depth article. Here, I will attempt to provide a bit of overview in a specific area of inspired and unique scripts from fellow Renoise hackers. Hopefully, this will be the first in a series of ongoing articles about this subject!


Welcome to a new

To celebrate the first public release of the new Renoise 2.8, we also decided to give the website a much needed overhaul. Along with a new look, the different sections have been streamlined in an effort to make the site easier to navigate.


Artist In:Depth - Cristian Vogel

The latest in our series of In:Depth interviewees should need no introduction. Since debuting on Dave Clarke's label with some crunchy, abstract techno offerings in the early 90s, Cristian Vogel's been continously keeping busy exploring everything from sound design to live improvisation to contemporary dance productions to good old wonky techno bangers.

And now he's making a Renoise album. It's called The Inertials and is a collection of "shiny new techno/electro with many layers of rhythm programming, sound design and microdetails to surprise, freak-out and delight" according to Cristian himself.


Renoise 2.8 - Beta Testing Starts

We are proud to present a new Renoise Release. Beta versions of our latest release are now available to all registered users at the Renoise Backstage. Everyone is invited to join our forums to welcome, discuss, tweak and help bug-fixing the new release.


Mutant Breaks #4 Winner Announcement

We've got a winner! As promised here's the video of my daughter picking the winning piece of paper from a hat.


Download the Mutant Breaks #4 Vote Pack now!

Here is the vote pack: [194 MB]

There are 23 songs in this pack. Participants must pick and post their top 3 in the Mutant Breaks Competition #4 thread or they are disqualified. The top 10 go into a hat. My ~18 month old daughter picks a winner. I will make a YouTube video of this.



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